This letter is a Word document and is not valid for this purpose

By Professional Advantage Thursday, May 11, 2017



When selecting a Letter ID in the Collections Management E-Mail window, you received the following message:

This letter is a Word document, and is not valid for this purpose. Please select a different letter.


The following are the reasons why this error populated:

  1. Due to the preview pane in the E-Mail window, Word Letters are not valid.


Utilize the Contact window instead when using Word Letters:

  1. Navigate to the Collections Main window (Transactions – Sales – Collections Main)
  2. Select the Customer ID
  3. Click on the Contact button on the Action Pane


  1.  Click on the Print Letter checkbox and select the necessary Letter
  2.  Select the Print Documents checkbox and use the Collections Select Documents window to select the necessary documents to attach

          a. This will automatically select the documents specified within the Letter Maintenance window within the latest build of Collections available (build 5)

      6. Select Email


The only restriction when using this function over the Collections email window is that the To, CC, BCC address will default from the Internet Information window (accessed from the Customer Maintenance window).