Collections Management & PayLink

Collections Management by Professional Advantage + Nodus® PayLink


Do you want to get paid faster?

Would you like to expedite collection with a one-click payment link? When customers don’t pay on time, rely on the integration of Collections Management by Professional Advantage and Nodus PayLink for Microsoft Dynamics® GP to get your payments faster.


Collections Management + Nodus PayLink allows you to send automated follow-up and reminder emails before, on, or after invoice due dates. With the click of a button from that message, your customer can view electronic statements and make one easy payment via payment link totaling for one or several invoices, without registering for an account or logging into a website or payment portal.

On the Fly:

While performing ad hoc inquiry, users can review a customer’s current aging, select which invoices they need for payment, and the system will generate one payment link to send to the customer. Give your customers the power and convenience of fast and easy payment processing online, while you have the peace of mind knowing that your invoices are being collected securely and efficiently.

Why Collections Management?

With Collections Management + Nodus PayLink you can:

  • Centralize customer A/R, payment history, and contact details into one location
  • Automate collection activities with customer-specific workflows to send reminders, schedule phone calls, and issue letters
  • Track all customer interactions and manage your required follow-ups
  • Highlight invoices as promised for payment, disputed, special, etc
  • Target specific customers based on multiple criterion including balance, aging, and more

Why Nodus Paylink?

Nodus PayLink - Integrated PCI Validated Payment Link for Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL & CRM

  • Decrease printing, mailing and manual invoice processing costs
  • Promote convenience to make payments anywhere, anytime with one-click payment links
  • Allow customers to enter in their own payment information to reduce fraud and entry errors
  • Simplify PCI Compliance by removing sensitive payment data from your environment by processing and storing it in the cloud
  • Enhance the customer experience with electronic bill presentment and payments with automatic confirmation receipts

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