Why do I need PA Data Pump?

PA Data Pump is a specialized Business Central Extension designed to empower your business by leveraging the potential of your Business Central data for in-depth enterprise analysis and reporting.

With PA Data Pump, you can effortlessly automate the extraction of data from Business Central and seamlessly direct it into your Azure Data Lake.

Why Choose PA Data Pump?

Experience unparalleled reporting capabilities that seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources, all beautifully visualized through 1Staff Analytics, Power BI, or any other analytics and dashboarding tools of your choice.

Key Features:

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating within the Business Central application is now a breeze. PA Data Pump is designed to be intuitive, simplifying the process of data selection, extraction, and transfer.

Automated Data Transfer: Say goodbye to manual data transfers. PA Data Pump automatically transfers both reference and transactional data to your Azure Data Lake.

Initial Load Package: Setting up your data lake? PA Data Pump can initiate an initial load package to kickstart your data integration.

Scheduled Updates: Ensure that your data lake remains up to date with scheduled incremental updates.

Complete Refresh Option: Need a fresh start? You can refresh the entire Azure Data Lake from the Business Central source instance(s) whenever necessary.

Why choose PA Data Pump?

User-Friendly Interface

Unparalleled Reporting Capabilities

Automated Data Transfer

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