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The more efficient your collections system, the greater your profit margin. Collections Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP has the processing power to improve cash flow, diminish collection time and reduce bad debt.

Why Collections Management?

With Collections Management you can Automate customer specific workflows. Centralize customer A/R and contact details. Target customers based on balance, aging, and more. Highlight invoices as promised for payment and Track customer interactions and required follow-ups.

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How can Collections Management help your business?

Are you experiencing customers exceeding their payment terms or are your accounts team spending too much time chasing debt? Collections Management can automate your collection tasks, manage customer credit limits and improve ROI.

Features & Benefits

Collections Managements is focused on automating your collections process, so you spend less time clicking and more time collecting cash to improve your company's cash-flow.


Collection Plans allow users to tailor and automate the collection process by customer.

Plans suggest what emails to send and calls to make when logging into Dynamics GP.

Users have the ability to email letters, statements and invoices from a single screen.

Pre-defined email templates allow easy selection of the invoices to attach as PDF or Word documents.


Powerful Collection Queries allow users to target specific customers.

Target all customers who are overdue and haven’t promised to pay, then switch your focus to customers with broken payment promises.

Use Advanced Collection Queries running SQL script to find customers with complex requirements.

Return On Investment In No Time

Wouldn’t you love a solution that could help you reduce your accounts receivables by 30% in just 30 days? Track the efficiency of your collections with Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Realize ROI and have Collections Management catapult your DSO to all-time lows.

Return on investment on no time

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Improve cash flow, streamline your processes, and reduce bad debt with Collections Management.

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